AutoForm with FlowRouter or Iron Router example / best practice?


I’m trying to use autoform with FlowRouter and having trouble… when I first open the autoform for update with a certain document, it is blank… it must be a timing issue with the subscription and the helper, and everything working correctly together. Rather than strip down my current application and create a demo that illustrates the issue, I was hoping someone had a good example of the following:

  • A web app that has a page that displays multiple records based on a mongo query of a collection.
  • Each row can be clicked to go into an edit/update screen for that single record built using autoform using collection2 and simple schema
  • A submit on that form will call a meteor method to process the update and then return to displaying all the records
  • the routes are done using flowRouter

(I was previously using Iron Router so I’d be happy with an example using IR as well, I’m not picky, I just want things to work :slight_smile: )

From my research so far, this seems like the right selection of tools for this use case, the problem is I can’t find an example, and when I try to implement myself, I have issues getting the document displayed for editing.


I discovered this. . I will give it a try.