Automatic insert from a collection to another


Hi all, im using perak/meteor-mqtt-collection so when i get a mqtt message it’s inserted into a specified collection in this way:
id (id of the document)
topic (topic that the message was published to)
message ()
data of the message(like value : 30 or json format)

what i need is to insert (or update) this data into a different collection and delete the original message…

can you suggest a way to do that?


Maybe look into leveraging matb33:collection-hooks on the server. When your collection receives an MQTT topic you could fire an .after.insert or .after.update collection hook to handle copying the necessary data into your separate collection.


Check out meteor-collection-hooks


thanks for the hint, i get it working with

Devices.before.upsert(function (userId, selector, modifier, options) {
modifier.$set = modifier.$set || {};
modifier.$set = modifier.$set.message;

no need to deleting the original document with this.