Autopublish Json Array

is there a way where i can bind Json Array to my Html elements and on change of data it auto publishes to other client?

Yes, that’s one of the core features of Meteor :stuck_out_tongue:
Look up Mongo.Collection in the docs, or do a tutorial.

@herteby I dont want to use mongo collection.

With mongo collection its possible but how about doing it with Json Array

If you don’t want it to get saved to the database, you could do new Mongo.Collection(null)

You can create custom publications to publish things other than Collections, but I don’t know if that would be worth the trouble. Using Collections is going to be the simplest.

I didn’t test it but I think it should be something like this;

Meteor.publish('my-array-pub' function(){
   var self = this;
   var objectArray = [...,..,..];
       self.added('my-array-pub', obj._id, { ...fields... });