just went above 1K published packages. What's your view about it?

As some of you might know, was built to automatically publish new releases for 3rd party library and the idea actually came out from this discussion after @dandv initiative.

Right now it’s doing great keeping up to date a number of packages out of which:

  • twbs:bootstrap
  • semantic:*
  • momentjs:twix
  • materialize:materialize
  • underscorestring:underscore.string

might be the most used ones.

To be honest, the majority of operations was about publishing packages for the semantic organization: about 40 different packages at every new release :wink:

So far it had its highs and lows and we also had some discussion about whether it is the right way to go or not.
Still, we haven’t find the best way to get official integrations (e.g., as it was for twbs:bootstrap) or create wrapper packages in separated repos (lets have a look at jspdf:core for a recent example…). For sure it’s not always easy to bug libraries’ maintainers asking to support Meteor, or simply asking for a GitHub webhook to get readily notified about new releases.

This is why I’d like to hear back from you community!
What do you think about it?
Feel free to shoot hard :wink:


CC @trusktr re. rocket:module.

I love it. I think it’s a real time saver for anyone writing packages. Bening able to just push your versions to github and they automatically appear on Atmosphere is awesome, especially if your package requires architecture-specific builds which are time consuming to do by hand.

@splendido Can you get me back up and running? Last time I checked repos had to be approved in order for them to start autopublishing?

I think this is on the right track, nothing else does external packages as good. I feel like it might still be a bit clunky but it is much better then having a number of outdated wrapper packages.

I think the bootstrap integration is the best example of this done right. Heck Bootstrap 4 has meteor as a first class target: (thought I think that is actually bootstrap 3, whatever).

Overall thumbs up and I think the trials of time are the only way we are going to find “best” solution.

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there’s also a published version for the 4.0.0-alpha, just check it with meteor show --show-all twbs:bootstrap but this is not shown on atmosphere…

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Oh nice, thanks! I am beginning to feel like atmo should show non-stable versions in a separate section. But that is neither here nor there.