Avoid Nodechef's "$10" APM if you use Galaxy

A couple weeks back I decided to test out Nodechef’s new APM service which advertises itself as being $10 per host. I quickly learned that running 2 containers on Galaxy meant 2x $10, and that each time I deployed a new bundle there was a significant risk that I would get charged an additional $10 per container.

I wrote about it here, and they responded by saying they’d fixed the issue [Be careful with Nodechef's APM/Kadira service].

Turns out they haven’t. On numerous occasions I have now been charged additional money simply because I deployed new code. Billing snapshot attached.

To date, I have been charged a total of $79 for 30 days of Kadira, whereas I was paying $20/month when self-hosting on Digital Ocean. So yeah, this might not be everyone’s experience – and I know they offer a $50/mo unlimited bundle – but for me, it’s been a bit of a fail.

Their response to the situation:

For budget constrained deployments running on Galaxy, it might be best for them to use a self hosted option.

So there ya go – thought I’d share it with those of you using Galaxy who are looking for an easy Kadira APM setup: steer clear of Nodechef unless you’re willing to take on the $50/month option.