Avoid serving legacy JavaScript to modern browsers

Hi everyone,

What would it be the simplest solution to solve the Google lighthouse error “Avoid serving legacy JavaScript to modern browsers” ?


Do you already use this? modern-browsers - Packosphere

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Thank you for the link, I will check it tomorrow.

Meteor automatically builds for multiple old and new architectures.

You can disable this Meteor feature with --exclude-archs web.browser.legacy .

I think Meteor somehow serves the correct build for the calling browser, but a bit of googling just now didn’t yet find confirmation.

You are right @vikr00001. Meteor automatically builds two sets of client bundles and serves them according to the browser used by app’s users.

This was first released in Meteor 1.7 and I believe its changelog has the best explanation of how it works.

So @Armando this should be working out of the box. What version of Meteor are you using?

Change log for version 1.7