Awesome Meteor Content

Now that the Meteor Guide is really taking shape (awesome work all!), I’ve been reminiscing a bit about the Meteor blog posts, presentations, videos, tutorials, etc. that I’ve stumbled across over the past while, that really helped influence my work with Meteor. A lot of this content is popular and familiar to many, but I have a feeling some of it has been lost in the weeds unfortunately. Hey, why not start a thread to share our favorite Meteor content (and throw some kudos out to the people behind the work)? I know we’ll end up sharing a lot of links that people have already seen, but I’m sure we’ll turn over some interesting rocks (and who knows - we might also help steer some new sections in the Meteor Guide). I’ll kick things off with a couple of my favorite (possibly off the beaten path) Meteor links, that I think everyone in the Meteor world should absorb. I can’t wait to see what you have to share!

  1. Building Large Scale Meteor Apps (Presentation)
  • A really great presentation; hard to believe it’s almost 2 years old! Filled with great large application advice (and one of the first packages for everything presentations I’ve seen, before “packages for everything” became a common term). Thanks Red&Ivory!
  1. MongoDB Oplog and Meteor and MongoDB Replicat Sets with Meteor (Blog posts)
  • Understanding Mongo oplog and replica set use with Meteor is so important; taking a few minutes to really understand them goes a long way (thanks @arunoda!)
  1. The Tracker Manual (Wiki)

    • This is the definitive guide to understanding Tracker (thanks MDG - I just wish this wasn’t so buried!)
  2. Last but absolutely not least, Learn How to Build Fast and Efficient Meteor Apps (Site)

  • This is just awesome (okay, this one is popular - but it’s so good it deserves a mention every day. Thanks again @arunoda!)