AWS AppSync + Apollo-Client ==> Easiest solution for authentication?


I was reading this blog which uses apollo-client-- and that all looks easy enough:

As for authentication, I hate to leave meteor’s system but alas that’s got to happen if use app sync or you’ll have the headache of running a meteor server just for auth. So, I saw this:

but from some of the issues I read, it seems aws-amplify doesn’t insert the user in the same dynamoDB that appsync would be using, amplify has it’s on place it stores users (amplify may be built on top of cognito I’m not sure). Then there is aws cognito.

At the end of the day it seems you either use cognito, amplify, or an auth0-esque service. And I suppose the differences are marginal other than it’d be nice to have everything on aws.


My brother and I are look at the AWS solutions also (as well as Meteor +/- Apollo.graphQL) for a new project. Does AWS appSync require using the AWS dynamoDB? Or could you use a mongoDB (even meteor) as the backend?