Babel (fka 6to5) javascript ES6-to-ES5 transpiler Meteor package

There are some open issues but it works


Thanks @grigio! It’s great to see Meteor support for Babel documented in the upstream docs! Looking forward to trying it myself at some point. @benjamn have you seen this?

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@glasser I’m glad you liked it, currently a workaround is needed

This is great @grigio, I’ve been using ES6 on some standalone apps recently with Looking forward to building my Meteor apps in the same way!

This is great!

I hope to submit some pull requests for those outstanding issues soon. In particular, I think it makes sense simply to blacklist the "use strict" transform.

Longer-term, it may make sense to maintain a version of Babel that relies more heavily on a runtime library, so that you don’t have to generate as much boilerplate for things like setting up class inheritance.

Another idea: it would be great to cache transformed files on disk, to save startup time for incremental rebuilds.