Babrahams:editable-text and nested arrays


Hi all,

Have problem accessing the document’s nested array (object) fields using babrahams:editable-text package.

Let’s say my document looks like that:

_id: xxx
name: 'Tom'
cars : {
 { make : 'volvo',
   wheels: {
     left: 'ok',
 { make : 'bmw',
   wheels: {
     left: 'flat',

Have no problems editing the first level fields like ‘name’, but have a problem within second level template.


is working there, but:

{{> editableText context=WhatstheContextHere?? collection="cars" field="make"}}

is not.

Nor have any idea what is the context field, especially as it seems the package expects ‘flat’ documents.

Is there any way to access the second/third level array elements using given package??


babrahams here. Let’s head over to the issues on Github rather than muddy the forums with very specific issues like this. (This same question has been asked a couple of times in Github issues).


Thanks for fast answer! But it seems Meteorpad is down so example is not accessible … will look for solution on github anyway.


Bear with me. I’m just writing up a piece of example code on the issue I’ve linked to above. Will be a few minutes.

EDIT: @paku Your question with a specific answer is here.