Babystep with Apollo GraphQL, Redux and Mantra

Hey guys, I started learning about Apollo stack roughly 1.5 weeks ago. I put together a very simple todo list example and a few other packages.

Checkout Todo List repo.

react-komposer-watchQuery - use Apollo watchQuery in React Komposer
react-komposer-query - use Apollo Query in React Komposer
react-komposer-redux - an improved version of @arunoda 's redux helper for React Komposer
react-komposer-tools - which exports the three functions above.
apollo-tools - a wrapper for Apollo

Feel free to leave a feedback!


Wow, awesome! Can’t wait to take a closer look at this!

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Yeah it looks like a great way to put stuff in the Mantra mindset! Very excited to see people building tools like this. Personally I prefer the react-apollo approach, but I can see the value in making stuff more decoupled.

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