Back from offline: method does not apply on server side


I use Meteor 3-rc1


  • The application is offline (no internet connection).
  • The user does an action that call a method X
  • On the client side, the method X is applied
  • On the server side, nothing, the application is waiting to go online.

Back online.

Expected behavior:

  • The method X is performed on the server side.

Current behavior:

  • The method X is not applied on the server side because the user is not loggued

When i look at the DDP exchange, the problem seems that the method X is sent before the method login.

Do i miss something?

It was working on 2.x version.



Could you provide a reproduction of this? Then I can spend some time trying to debug this and see if I find anything…

Hi @denyhs

Please check:


Hi @denyhs

Did you have time to look at it?