Backend developer

Read on if you want to make a positive difference for people who are trying to find their birth parents and/or family members. is seeking a backend developer to help them launch a new feature that will let their users upload raw DNA data (obtained from a Direct-to-Consumer DNA test, such as Ancestry, MyHeritage, 23andMe or FTDNA) to compare and identify DNA matches across mentioned vendors to identify their birth parents and other relatives.

Main tasks:

  • add/update missing functionality in JS/NodeJS/Meteor framework

  • optimize code to run in a scalable and highly performant way (future port to Golang possible for CPU intensive functions)

  • deploy to AWS (Fargate/Lambda)

  • build new Electron versions for Windows/MacOS/Linux

  • bug fixing, upgrading of Meteor and NPM packages

  • adding/updating test (TDD), documentation

Working on a state-of-the-art tech stack, this job gives you exposure to different parts of a production environment. Considering no one can be an expert in so many different fields, working in all of these areas will give you the opportunity to not only improve your skills but also be challenged, according to your level of knowledge, within new areas. Since we are a very small company, there is almost no red tape, and work is never dull.

Must have experience:

  • NodeJS/JavaScript (Backend)

  • NPM

  • Git or Bitbucket

  • Deploying apps to Cloud Providers like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud

Nice to have/bonus points:

  • MongoDb

  • Meteor framework

  • Blaze

  • Electron

  • Terraform

  • Golang

  • D3

As this is a remote job, you can work from anywhere in the world, as long as you can shadow the GMT+8 timezone for a reasonable amount of time. To learn more, please contact us directly