Base is DEPRECATED. Long live Pup!

Hi folks!

For the past few years, a lot of people have relied on the boilerplate we’ve maintained for our tutorials at The Meteor Chef, Base. On Tuesday, we announced we were spinning off our mentorship under a new company that has also taken over work on Base, Clever Beagle. We’ve also changed the name to be Pup and given it a fresh coat of paint.

A few details:

  • Meteor 1.5
  • React
  • MongoDB (pub/sub system)
  • Accounts workflows for signup, login, and password recovery
  • Support for OAuth logins via Facebook, Google, and GitHub
  • User profiles
  • Static pages using Markdown

If you’ve relied on Base or started at it longingly in hopes to one day use it, consider this a friendly heads up to look over this way at Pup.

If you’re working on your first product and would like to work alongside an experienced developer from your first line of code to your first customer, take a peek at Clever Beagle. A testimonial by one of our (TMC mentorship) customers that inspired Clever Beagle:

Having two-hour mentorship sessions with Ryan on a weekly basis got me a couple of things. First, I got a peace of mind. Because of his experience and approach, I knew we would get the work done. Next, it increased my learning process of Meteor and React, big time. With great enthusiasm, patience and humor Ryan shares his knowledge. Last but not least, I got a great looking software product, ready to go live.

– Richard van Wingerden

If you have any questions, feel free to @ us on Twitter or send an email:



Hi, trying use pup basic example but for Android, the command I use is:

meteor --settings settings-development.json run android-device

But I get ‘Starting your app’… infinite wait

I have try it before (make android version) with other app like Meteor basic todos without any problem.


@juanmafont I don’t have much experience with Android, but have you added the Android platform with meteor add-platform android? This isn’t something supported out of the box with Pup.


Yes, platform Android was added.

I have not problem with another simple tutorials like Todo (Blaze and React versions) from Meteor to compile for Android platform,

@juanmafont can you file an issue here for me? There isn’t anything in particular I can think would be preventing a build/boot but could be some dependency blocking it.

Do it:


:heart: Pup!

Latest version of Meteor Kitchen ( ) generates directory structure inspired by pup (and Meteor guide of course) modified by our own experience and best practices. (React apps only, Blaze apps are unchanged).

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Thanks, @perak :slight_smile:

Going to help promote this, really neat.

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