Base Vs Mantra: Which is cool?


Im starting a new project. I have triend Mantra for 2 months and find comfortable using it. I bumped on Meteor’s Base and wanted to find out its coolness. What are your thoughts?


Base isn’t MDG’s, it’s The Meteor Chef’s. I haven’t tried either, but Mantra seems to have more leverage and support than TMC’s Base does.


Mantra is a set of standards for how to architect a Meteor app but Meteorchef’s Base is a starting point for Meteor apps. I prefer Base with React Komposer.


Mantra and don’t look back.


Mantra has a starter kit which can be compared to TMC’s Base. Yeah seems like Base is also good.


I have looked on Base last night and it seems to look good although the file structure can be a little complicated than Mantra StarterKit’s architecture which you can easily grasp by looking at it. It looks more modular. I will play with Base and it is a good way to learn from both.


We are using Mantra and we love it. Can’t comment on Base as we haven’t used it so far.


I’m curious, you say you’re using Mantra, but I see you are also using the “yogiben” starter kit, which doesn’t appear to use Mantra at all. Did you merge them somehow?