Basic Blaze template as Ionic?

Hi guys,

I’m surfing around meteor for few weeks and I really love it. It’s great framework for starting new web app. I want to make a simple mobile app too, which I could see reactive methodology of meteor really helpful. The problem is, I have to cover too many thing, especially the template thing. I don’t know how to make it, no matter how to try, mine is so ugly.

I’ve tried (not learn it yet), you known like

    ionic create myapp tabs

something like that. I found that Ionic done very good thing about template for starter like me.

And then, I went to Angular-Meteor-Ionic thing, which I’ve stuck at step 1.14 now, silly me.
Honestly, I found this approach a little bit messy. I mean, I already learn how to work with Blaze template, and (original) Meteor and I kind of like how it work. Now I have to start to learn Ionic, Angular, … Too much to take all.

So, my question are:

  1. Do anyone know how to make blaze template and it look like Ionic template for starter like me? Because I love to start to learn how to code and have a basic good looking apps, not spent to much time on making template.
  2. Does Meteor, which in future, plan to make something like basic template for starter?