Basic programmatic image fetching

So I’m building a dashboard using Vue and Meteor. There’s a page, Edit Product where I fetch the existing Google cloud hosted product images using their URLs, and allow the user to remove or upload new images.

I decided to use Vue-Filepond as a file uploader.
Now I didn’t get to the upload part yet, but when I try to fetch the images for starters, the browser throws the infamous Failed to fetch... blocked by CORS

The way I’m doing it is that I basically fetch(imageURL) and pass this to filepond to consume.
I figured this needs to be done on something like a proxy server, so I proxied this fetch call to my Meteor server by creating a Meteor method. I ended up with something like:

/* Product.vue */
// setting filepond options to fetch images
  server: {
    load: async (source, load) => {
      const res = await meteorCall('products.fetchImage', source);

and on the server:

import fetch from 'node-fetch';

async 'products.fetchImage'(url) {
  check(url, String);
  const res = await fetch(url);
  const blob = await res.blob(); // tried to return this blob but it's always an empty object on the client

  const buffer = await blob.arrayBuffer(); // tried converting to array buffer, I still get an empty object on the client
  return buffer;

Am I missing something?