Basics: Text Editor / WYSIWYG for VueJS

I’m looking for a Text Editor to use in my Meteor + VueJS app.

So far, vue-html5-editor seems to fit the bill. Has anyone used this editor?

What are your experiences with other VueJS + Text Editors?

This one looks pretty nice.

What features do you expect from this editor? What kind of licence?

I’m personally waiting for CKEditor 5 which should leave the rest of editors in a dust. It’s pure Javascript though with Vuejs wrapper.

I personally hate CKEditor in any version. Was a fan of Imperavi Redactor for a while until found Froala, which seemed to be the best. Is there any specific reason to integrate it to VueJs, can’t it just be used ‘as is’?

What did you find better about Froala than about Imperavi Redactor?

At the moment I tested it, Froala created cleaner html (maybe something have changed now, don’t know) and got more features in general. One can stylize it (I managed to make it look very minimalistic).

If you find anything better than any of them, please share. I would discourage anyone of using neither CKEditor nor TinyMCE, unless they completely rewrite themselves, which is unlikely ever happen. And the whole interaction with them feels obsolete.

I agree that using the text editor “as is” is completely enough.

Actually, they’re rewriting it from scratch at the very moment. :wink:

Hmm, then thanks for the info, will check them out then!

It’s still far from being ready. The demo is updated with each iteration, but it’s missing a lot of features. It’s an open source project though, so it’s easy to check out everything on Github

I use CKEditor in my current Blaze project. I’ve had a lot of pushback on it, like – too complicated, things not working. Also, it seems really heavy and bloated. That’s why I’m looking for a clean break with VueJS.

I just found out is only compatible with VueJS 1.0. This is a show stopper for me. It looked very nice and light indeed. I asked him if he plans to update to VueJS 2.0, and will post back here with the answer.

I completely agree with this. I tried TinyMCE and Quill before CKEditor and wasn’t satisfied.

There is which looks to be a wrapper around summernote – but no nothing about how good summernote is. Also, this is VueJS 1.0 compatible only as well.

I need something that is clean and light (preferred), has a spellchecker plugin, and is able to keep formatting when copying from MS Word (if possible).

UPDATE: looks like this quill wrapper has a Vue 2 branch: Might be the only option. Also, this lib looks to support Vue 2:

UPDATE2: We also have ckeditor for Vue 2 here: Uses ckeditor 4.6. If I can’t find something else, I’ll have to use this (it’s not my first choice, but at least I know what I’m getting into here).

not vue specific, but basecamp has open sourced theirs:

Thanks. Seems very basic, are you using it?

Copying from Word is a huge and difficult topic. Keeping formatting can mean everything, as every version of Word and every its clone results with different HTML, often full of unwanted stuff that will sooner or later break things. Same with copying from other websites.

It depends on the branch of business, how important that feature is for you.

For me it’s crucial, that’s why I prefer text editors that give you full control over what kind of content is allowed and how will the cleanup look like.

@aadams thanks for detailing your findings. It seems that things haven’t changed much 3 months later. What editor did you end up using anyway?

Oh, hello there. :slight_smile:

The very best IDE to job with *.vue is Netbeans.

To highlight go to Options --> Miscellaneous --> Files New File extension write vue. In Associated File type select HTML Files (text/html).

@vblagomir is froala free to use ? Or do you have to buy license . I am working in a vuejs project basically playing around trying to learn vue js.