Bay Area Meteor Night Returns! - July 9th [UPDATE: Livestream Link]

I’m excited to announce that on July 9th Qualia will be hosting our third Bay Area Meteor Night! See the event for more details.

As always, we will provide food, drinks, and time to mingle. We’ve got two awesome speakers for this event:

Ben Newman (Meteor, Tech Lead) — Reimplementing Meteor in TypeScript, Module by Module
Justin Anastos (Apollo, Core Developer) — Inside the Apollo Engine Meteor Application

As a bonus, the meetup overlaps with the annual Meteor/Apollo HQ all-hands, so I expect/hope there will be good turnout from MDG itself!

The event will be live streamed and later uploaded to Youtube.

UPDATE: Livestream Link
Stream starts at 7PM PDT


Fantastic! IIRC last time there were some hangups with the live video stream, so please make sure to get it running smoothly so we can tune in live!


Given @benjamn talk’s title, I guess the future of Meteor is TypeScript.
Well, time for me to finally dive into it and finish learning it.


I would say that the title of Benjamin’s talk is evidence of very strong commitment on the part of MDG to Meteor. It appears that MDG is updating Meteor to Typescript. They would never do that if they were trying to let Meteor go. Additionally, given that Meteor already works extremely well, there is no need for them to do this at all unless they were planning to get some future benefit out of moving it to Typescript. It appears likely that they are doing this to set up Meteor to have new, exciting features in future releases.


Meteor backwards compatibility is incredible so I think we (app builder/programmer) will just have more benefits when MDG updates Meteor to TypeScript even if we don’t know much about TypeScript.


Great news! Thanks

I hope so, the last meeting could never be seen by people who are far away. It never was uploaded to youtube.


Great that Qualia is hosting this again and really excited by Ben’s talk. We’ve been looking at Typescript a lot lately and it would be awesome if Meteor had first class support :clap:

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Same here, really excited about this as well and many thanks to Qualia team for hosting this once again! Qualia seems like an awesome company. And yeah, any talk from Ben is always interesting and educational, can’t wait!

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Excited for this event.

Thanks Qualia and MDG

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I would say that the title of Benjamin’s talk is evidence of very strong commitment on the part of MDG to Meteor…

Mind if I use this comment in my talk? :telescope:


They were actually…


I think there are no videos for the event that took place on September 5th 2018


Please do. I would be honored!

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I am very excited to hear this! Time to use Meteor has given me a lot of knowledge about its architecture. In my current company, I’ve created a tool based on Meteor-like architecture (different from how it works) and of course it’s written in Typescript. It will be fun if I can contribute to everyone in the future.


Get ready for some sick t-shirts!


So excited about this. I will certainly watch the live stream!


I’am so sad I won’t be around this time, last year was amazing!
Please don’t forget the livestream!



Man, I want one of these. Any chance I can buy them online?

Very excited about this Meteor Night! Sadly I won’t be able to attend :frowning: but looking forward to watching it on YouTube.


Probably not, but we are going to start doing monthly “hangout” type Meteor Nights (people come and work on Meteor stuff together, ask questions, Qualia in particular does what it can to help), and we will always give out the shirts there! Sort of a Meteor Night Lite.

So if you can eventually make it to an event, you will get one!