Bay Area Meteor Night Returns! - July 9th [UPDATE: Livestream Link]

Well then, I gotta come over sometimes


I’m still waiting for the videos from the last event :crossed_fingers:

It’s such a bummer, that these awesome events are organized and even recorded, but then somebody drops the ball literally at the finish line, and the vids never make it to Youtube.

Still, excited and hopeful!

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Here’s the story about the videos from the last Meteor Night:

The person we hired to do the recording did a terrible job. He didn’t hook up proper screen recording and the lighting was so bad the projector screen wasn’t at all visible. The sound isolation also wasn’t great and the guest speakers were in weird lighting. The livestream didn’t work well either. Also, the video he sent over after the talk has a weird aspect ratio, making it look pretty blurry.

We ended up manually taking screen recordings during some of the talks, so it is possible to reconstruct that information for most of the speakers.

I was furious and it was kind of just generally embarrassing, so I didn’t post the videos. Maybe after we have the much much better produced videos from this Meteor Night I’ll dig up the old ones and try to edit them into a viewable form. I apologize for not posting them already, but I was very angry and just wanted to forget about it.

However, this Meteor Night will have much higher quality AV :slight_smile:. I’m very much looking forward to nailing that aspect of the meetup this time around.


It’s ok @veered and it is not your fault (I don’t have the video of my wedding by the same reason :frowning: ) but in our case here I guess you can publish anyway, just add a note in the description explaining what happened.

If we can at least hear the speaker and have a link to slide deck this should be enough to understand the talk.


So the ball wasn’t dropped at the finish line, like I assumed. Sorry about that! I’m with @filipenevola on this one: just publish them, with an explanation about the low quality.

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The event is less than a week away!

If you are planning on attending please RSVP on the Meetup event. If you have any friends that are interested in attending, please make sure to invite them!


I’m super excited for this.


It’s tomorrow. Up…


Our entire engineering team will be watching the live broadcast (from the other side of the world). We will be serving brunch to celebrate this event


so … could you paste the link that you’ll be using. Sorry if that was shared already, I am not really able to find one


Seconded - please post the link. :slight_smile: What time does the event start?

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see the meetup event!

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Alright I’ve added the livestream link to the topic description. Stream starts at 7PM PDT.


The sound and video etc. are a bit broken! Any chance of a clean upload?


Looking forward for a good video recording. Too bad the live sound was not good. It is still a win since we have pizza here at the office :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to the clean upload when it’s available!


@veered Do you have usable material to create the videos this time? I understood the live stream was somehow broken :disappointed_relieved:


Is there an ETA yet on the Meteor Night videos?


Sadly couldn’t attend, but found the slides:

Really interesting stuff. It’s great to see the whole thought process that went in this.

And it seems it’s already activating a lot of new contributors looking at the github PR’s


Awesome. So happy to see MDG coming full circle to Meteor again, and our mastermind @benjamn putting his focus beam back onto our framework. :heart_eyes: