Bay Area Meteor Night Returns! - July 9th [UPDATE: Livestream Link]

We do have video+audio for Ben’s talk and will upload this week. Unfortunately, Justin’s talk is missing audio. We are working with him to do a voice over though.

My intro is forever lost to time, but that’s alright.


I’ll summarize @veered’s intro:

  • Qualia :heart: Meteor
  • Qualia is super excited to host Meteor Night at their SF office
  • A big thank you to everyone here tonight, and everyone that shows their support for Meteor, wherever you are
  • If you love Meteor, Qualia is hiring

As a bonus, I’ll summarize MDG’s sentiments about Lucas’ intro:

  • Thank you VERY much for hosting Meteor night!
  • Meteor :heart: Qualia :slight_smile:

Is there an ETA yet for the video+audio of Ben’s talk? The slides were awesome!


Any remote positions? :thinking:

Ben’s video is ready to go. We are still working with Justin to have him voiceover his talk. If that’s not ready by Monday then I’ll just upload Ben’s talk.


Unfortunately no, we are looking for developers in San Francisco and Austin. But we can help with relocation and/or visas!

Any chance of doing a Meteor Night in Austin sometime?

Interesting idea! We are moving into a 45k square foot office in January, we could probably do one once we finish the office move. Depending on local interest.

Why not just upload Ben’s talk now?

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Because I want to create a forum topic linking to the videos and I don’t want Justin’s talk to get less attention. Which might happen if the video is uploaded a while after topic creation.


I’m not sure that’s a huge concern IMO. Conferences release videos staggered all the time. It’s frustrating that the event was weeks ago and the talks still aren’t available.

I don’t want to sound entitled, but how is the community suppose to get excited about this stuff if we can’t see it?


@veered – Given that @stolinski is interested in this, it may be mentioned on the fantastic podcast he does with @wesbos. I would vote for putting Ben’s talk up ASAP on that potential opportunity alone! :grinning:

Any updates? You mentioned that Ben’s video would be up on Monday.

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As someone who was lucky enough to be able to attend in person (but is not otherwise affiliated with the event), I do think that the slides posted above convey >95% of Ben’s message (they are very detailed and Ben pretty much followed them), so if you’ve read through the presentation slides you should have a pretty clear idea of how the talk went!

Come join the TypeScript conversion effort!

(I don’t mean to diminish from the request to have the videos, which is totally valid; I just wanted to reassure non-SF readers that you probably don’t have anything from Ben’s talk to be surprised by. I’m also not sure if there are slides posted for the first talk.)


Would like to watch the other talks as well.


Totally, the slides are great to read through, but this is more of a failure to inspire and promote confidence in Meteor within the community. If MDG doesn’t care enough to make these videos available, why should the community care about the updates. I get that this might sound harsh, but this was suppose to be the future of Meteor.

If you don’t mean to sound harsh, try sounding a little less harsh :upside_down_face:

The slides are very clear in my opinion and paint a very positive picture for the future of Meteor. So no need to worry.

Having the video would be a bonus, but you also gotta respect this is all volunteered by people doing their best – criticising them is a little misplaced IMO. I do agree the official communication coming from MDG could definitely be improved though. (what happened to the podcast??)


Guys, I too would like to say that a kind word or two here would go a long way. Qualia people are doing this as volunteers, as far as I can tell, and no doubt work and business comes first, as it should.


The preface about my tone was to let you know harshness was not my intention in tone. This is the internet where things can be read in many different voices and tones. My intent was concern.

I’m not criticizing MDG because I need to see the videos, I’m personally able to read the slides. It was my understanding that MDG was the one in charge of the video and release of those videos. If it is Qualia and they are just volunteering time, then I totally understand and I apologize for my critique.

That said, can you imagine any other platform (NextJS, Vue, React, Gatsby) announcing the future of their platform in this way? With a non-public announcement at a local meet up and slides posted on a forum? A post saying it would be available and then radio silence?

I’ve been apart of this community for a long time and this does not instill confidence in this platform going forward. You can say that critique is misplaced, but these forums get quieter all the time.

As someone who loves and uses this platform, I honestly think things like this hurt the Meteor community and cause others not to take it seriously.

All of that said, I don’t blame Qualia for any issues here. I just believe that MDG isn’t putting the time or resources into Meteor or it’s community and it shows.

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