Bay Area Meteor Night, September 5th

Sorry I can’t come to the Bay Area on such short notice… I live in The Netherlands! :smile:. Anyway I’ve mentioned Meteor a couple of times during talks on several meetups organized by the company I work for (Passionate People). They organize a lot of frontend related meetups.

Maybe we should try to organize a Meteor event in Amsterdam?


You totally should! I’m not sure there’s much I can do to help but I’m happy to brainstorm with you if you’d like


Looking forward to it, I think the 20h+ flight is worth sharing experience about Meteor :smiley: To give people a hint about what staying productive means, it’s related to how we are now using Meteor together with Apollo to prototype fast and then evolve our prototype into a serious product. (Rather than rewrite it)


I will come back to this asap


Sure hope I could attend! Thanks for the live stream in advance :slight_smile: The last talks were awesome, so can’t wait for these!

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Meteor Night is tomorrow!


Very excited! really looking forward to this, first was one awesome :clap::smiley:

I’m very excited to see how the workshops turn out, they could be really good for teaching the community how to apply some advanced Meteor techniques! I’m feeling pretty good about them :slight_smile:

The talks won’t start until 6:30PM, but here is the livestream link

But joining in person will be way more fun :slight_smile:


Cannot find recording on youtube. Is it there?

We still need to do some post-processing on the videos. Our AV guy was not very good this time, so it’ll be a bit of work…

Any news on video upload?

Hey guys! I was also looking for the videos. @veered do you guys need help with post-processing? I am definitely not a video expert but I have a lot of experience with audio and have done some video processing before so I don’t know how much help I would ACTUALLY be but I thought I would throw that out there :sweat_smile:

p.s. I see you guys streamed the talk to Twitch and I just wanted to throw it out there that most of my video experience does come from streaming to Twitch. Silly video games.

I am also would be interested in watching videos .

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Are there any videos yet, @veered? I am really looking forward to it! :blush:


@veered Bumping this :slight_smile:


Gone with the wind )

I wonder if the contents are still relevant. This was almost 6 months ago and things move fast! :sweat_smile: