Meteor Night - Livestream

Meteor Night is tonight and we’ve got some excellent speakers lined up (here’s the original forum post).

We will be live streaming the event; talks start at 6:30PM PST.

If you can make it in person, all the better.


Just so no one tunes in an hour early, it’s 6:30pm PDT

Thanks, I always forget to make that distinction

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Hi, is that online now?

Yep it’s streaming now

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Are you there? could you change the camera angle? the screen is too bright, I can’t see it. Thank you.

We can change up the lights for the next talk in a few minutes


Can you zoom in a bit to get closer to the screen and speaker?

Is it possible to se a recorded version?

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@veered where can we see the recordings?


any youtube recorded link for this stream ?


There were some serious AV issues during the live stream, so we are going to attempt to repair those issues before uploading the videos. I’ll post here once I have more information.


Thanks again for hosting this, for me this was an excellent talk/session objectively, since I had few applicable performance related takeaways for my project, so thanks again! and I really found the workshops valuable and enjoyable to watch, makes me want to come next time!

If I may make few suggestion/ideas for next time:

  1. I was really surprised that the video stream brightness/focus/angle for the livestream was not working properly! the first session had audio issue and this one had video, we’re engineers we test/optimize before we produce, so next talk can include “Livestream Video/Audio Performance & Debugging” :sweat_smile:

  2. The content generated from those session is really useful and can be organized and shared online. This could be in the form of online site, youtube gallery etc. The page can include a link to the video, GitHub repos, speakers profile/and their companies, and the slides

  3. Speaking of slides, it’s an immutable law of nature that after every tech talk, someone will ask for the slides, so might as well upload those online sometime before the talk starts

  4. I found the workshop idea excellent, and there are a lot of areas/topics to be covered in Meteor so I hope this trend continues to cover many packages/libraries, design patterns etc.

Again I’d like to thank the Qualia team for organizing and leading this, and I look forward for more to come!


We used the same AV guy that we used at the previous Meteor Night so I thought he’d handle things properly… which he did not. We won’t use him again. Sorry for all that insanity.

Fortunately, for the latter 3 talks we recorded people’s screens, so when we publish the videos we will combine that screen recording with the video. Things should be very easy to see once we do that.

For the workshops, we are going to be creating blog posts that cover the same content, along side the video, so it should be very accessible to the community!


I don’t know how but this one is a very good video. If we can do this in other Meteor talks, it would be awesome.
Sashko Stubailo is/was a MDG.
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is Sashko still work on MDG or Apollo team ? tx

I don’t know. Hopefully he is.

AFAIK he’s left to work with Stripe.

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Sashko will always be MDG to me!

Sometimes you just have to venture out! Big graphql guy left Facebook prior to that.

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