BDD testing of Meteor apps in 2021

Hi there, I would like to ask you what is the best way to start using BDD tests with Selenium + Gharkin for an existing Meteor v1.8 package based architecture app?

I used to work with Meteor.js 5 years ago and currently I am on a project with Meteor again. I remember I have used in my previous project Xolvio’s solution for BDD. I think it was chimp or something like that.

So, is Xolvio Chimp still relevant? If yes, shoud I use chimpy, or chimp 2.0 ?
Or should I rather use a pure separate Selenium + Cucumber tests?

How do you BDD test your app today?

Thank you

Chimpy (the original chimp) is still good for Meteor and should work. It hasn’t had any major new features/releases lately but it still works like it always did. I haven’t tried Chimp 2.0.

Cypress, use cypress.

Even better use cypress-cucumber-preprocessor and write your features in gherkin cypress-cucumber-preprocessor - npm


We are using cypress and happy with it. It’s working good with meteor. You should add some checks for sub ready and sometimes have click problems but can be solved quickly.
I can share our tests if you want.


Yes. It will be ușefull.

you can find my tests here

PS: check to see how you can detect when the subs are ready.

any contribution to the topic will be helpful @robertlowe @harry73


We use cypress-wait-until in some async cases. cypress-wait-until - npm
It also really helps in test stability we found.


thanks guys, for good replies. I will try to make my team use cypress.

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