Beginner - in need of help on how to utilize meteor for class assignment

Hello everyone!

I am currently taking a course where we are divided into teams to create an app using Meteor.

The idea we have came up with is a location-based app designed for student discounts and events. There would be different categories like:

  • Bars/Restaurants - show deals during happy hours or discounts on food
  • Fashion - show deals like seasonal sales or if you could use your student ID there to get a discount
  • Concerts/Events - show who’s playing nearby or if there is something local going on like a festival

Once you choose a category, you can apply filters such as:

  • Mile Range (0 to 25)
  • Age Range (family friendly events vs. 21+ events)
  • Price Range

There would also be other aspects to this app like a carousel that shows the top 3 deals of that week.

We all have done the tutorial for Meteor but are still pretty lost on how to operate this. We would like any advice on how to make things easier for us to understand and how we can make our app a reality.


If it were me, I would start by making a mockup of the pages on a whiteboard. Sounds like you could have a home page (describes what the app is for), then three more pages (Bars, Fashion, Concerts). Design all four pages.

Next, forget about the filtering, and translate your whiteboard mockup into a Meteor app with some sample data.

Next, figure out how you get “real” data into the app and implement that.

Finally, implement filtering and location awareness.

I am teaching software engineering using Meteor this semester and you might find my modules and sample app (Digits) developed in Meteor to be of interest:

Good luck and make sure you request your tshirt when you finish. :smile: