Beginner questions, what technique for a project

Hello everybody, this is my first post here and I apologize for my english. I’ve been trying to improve my English for three years, the text here I translated into mainly with Google. I am 57 years old, working in Germany as PC Support. About a year ago I had an idea for a web platform.
My idea, perhaps already exists, is a platform where teachers and students can arrange to meet and teach online via Skype or similar. Later maybe with timetable / bookingsystem and payment system. I do not consider Smartphone App as absolutely necessary. Maybe even just a stage, without a timetable and payment system, about which a language partner can be found for free.
The visit to a web agency was not satisfying, I had the feeling that I then hang with those on the hook.
So I decided about 7 months ago to try to program my project myself. Until then, I had once looked in programming languages ​​and built simple websites. I felt like it and wanted to at least try it. But with what technique?
I first looked at PHP and MySQL and Mariadb. Then I came to Meteor with Blaze after about a month. After some time, I realized that I should also learn more Java script. It was not easy for me as a beginner to distinguish what Blaze or Meteor or JS is. Slowly I understood more, but then I realized that all the tutorials are at least 2 years old. I read a lot about it and came across React. That’s why I came to udemy and looked at different tutorials. Finally one in German but only with React and Redux. Redux I found really complicated, I do not know if I need it. My Odysee went on. Then I found so-called Boilerplates as Meteor Chief and Vulcan. That’s when I came across Apollo and Graphql. Meteor was somehow only in the background. I also read confusing postings, such as SkinnyGeek and others, using mongodb by no means. I do not speak English that much, so it’s hard to read a lot and quickly. Also to distinguish what is important and what is not.
I find the learning process difficult because there are many instructions, but they are all a combination of different techniques. I’m stuck and do not know what technique to continue and if there is enough learning material for my needs.
So I’m totally confused. Am I right with Meteor in what I intend to do?
I need a login system for the platform - yes,
User account and profile that the members can imagine
Database and search system
Communication system that members can write
later possibly timetable and payment system, possibly internationalization
What would you advise me for a technique and what do you think about what I have written?

Thank you and best regards, Mario

Hello Mario and Willkommen!

JS is the file extension for Javascript files. Sometimes web technologies will use JS in their name to denote the language the technology was written in and for.

Blaze is a user interface framework that can optionally be used with Meteor to create your web application. Meteor also supports the use of other UI frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue. When people refer to the “front-end” of a web application they are most often talking about a user interface framework. I personally use React, but formerly used Blaze.

Meteor is a javascript application platform. This is the “back-end” of the website and it is used to help the front-end work. It is responsible for communicating with a database. It is also responsible for “serving” the web application to the user.

MongoDB is the database that Meteor natively supports. You are new to web application development so this is very convenient because Meteor will automatically create and start MongoDB for you.

Learning React is challenging enough as a beginner; you can always add Redux later if you need it.

Meteor can do all of these things, but this is a large project for a beginner. I hope it will not seem like a waste of time if I recommend you create something more simple as practice. Have you completed the Meteor tutorials? They are VERY helpful. If the idea of a simpler application does not appeal to you, I recommend concentrating on one feature at a time.

I do not have the time to help advise a technique, but I do like your idea and feel it is a very worthy project!

Viel Glück!

This is perhaps not quite what you describe, but it is a Meteor application for collaborative teaching:

We don’t yet have a formal blog post for the meteor community, but our classroom / learning manager is based on meteor. We are partners with some of the top hardware makers (e.g. Acer, Lenovo etc.) who bundle our app as the software layer for their devices in-classroom.

You can get it from Chrome Webstore, iOS and Google play. It has collaboration built-in as it is specifically designed for schools.

Our website is here ClassroomAPP

Ping me and I’ll create free accounts for you and your team if you are interested, anything for fellow-meteorites :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the answers. Unfortunately, not everything came over as planned. After many tutorials, I already understand the differences between the different techniques. The answer, first to stay with React seems to me right. I would rather not just write an app, but change a component. That’s the practical React if I understand correctly.

This sounds quite like what you describe

Maybe you can use it for inspiration.

@jorgeer. Funny, this page inspired me. I have been a member for about a year and have already taken a lot of lessons and also found language partners. That really touched me as I skype with people in the US and in Sydney and London. So I thought, how can I transport that on my area. Thanks for this great tip.