Benefits of using Angular or React?


I’m looking at using Meteor to build an app but I’m a bit perplexed as to the real benefits of adding more libraries like Angular or React to the mix? Is there a real benefits or does it become overkill when you can use the base Meteor stuff?

Thanks for your insight on this.

Lots of interesting conversations have taken place online:

Also see:,-or-Why-React-is-Awesome

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It’s not adding another library, it’s choosing which one you want to use. They are all supported and good options.

Oh and I forgot, CodeSchool launched their React course today!

A really great hands-on learning experience, if you need some more interactive. I learned EmberJS with these guys way back when, awesome courses.

Here’s my latest recommendation when asked if I should use Blaze, React or Angular: Use any view technology that Apollo supports …

I’m sure Blaze is coming … right? :slight_smile:

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Thanks. My question wasn’t about React or Angular by themselves but the combo and actual benefits vs going Meteor native.

There is no Meteor native, there’s Blaze. And “Blaze is kil” for all intents and purposes.

I thought Blaze was done by the Meteor’s team

I thought Blaze was done by the Meteor’s team

Yeah, but it will be removed from the core and outsourced to the community, so Blaze can’t competete against popular frameworks like React (Facebook) or Angular (Google) in long term. But at the moment, it is the easiest way to start with Meteor.

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Thanks. That’s the answer then!! :slight_smile: