Bert vs Sweet alerts



Which one do you recommend and why for meteor apps?
Bert ? Sweet alerts ? Another one ?



I use react s alert.


It looks nice but I am using Blaze.


Let move to react, it’s more beautiful.


Sweetalert 2 is incredibly beautiful. I would use this


Thanks for the hint to SweetAlert, this looks awesome.


I use sweetalert2 and it works really well with Blaze. I have not used bert.

Sweetalert2 also can be used for simple inputs, chained inputs and for confirmations …saves a lot of time.


What are chained inputs? Can you give an example?


By chained inputs I mean showing multiple forms for input one after another. Example Userid creation. First form can be for userId input, second form for password and third form for reconfirmation of password.


We use sweetAlert2 a lot and it’s great. The dev is very active too and has really improved it a lot from the original. So just make sure you use v2 ! :slight_smile:


How do you include sweetAlert2 in a meteor app?
Is there and atmosphere package?


Check Meteor Guide to install SweetAlert2 with npm.
Not sure if the wrapper available on Atmosphere is always up to date …


you mean this ?


Uh oh, Bert’s getting pretty upset by this thread…


If you know materialize css, you should give materialize toast a try :wink: Comparable to both Bert and sweet


bert alerts are awesome if you’re using blaze. Maybe sweet alert is better/safer if you’re using react.


SweetAlert2 is the best option if you are using Blaze.


I actually use both in my React app. I use Bert for quick status updates (i.e. successful submit, “Thank You” for a comment, etc.) and sweet alert for more important alerts (i.e. errors that need to be kept on screen for reading) or to get input from users. They play very nicely together, however if I had to pick one I would go with sweet alerts as it offers much more capability.