Best approach for a new Meteor app from scratch

NOTE: This is NOT a “is Meteor doomed” post.

So this is a bit of an open-ened question, but here it goes…

You love Meteor. It brings a lot to the table. But there have been some big changes and some uncertainties introduced (e.g., Blaze, Meteor packages, etc.) over the past few months. Now you’re starting a new app from scratch.

What’s the best approach?

For example:

Forgo Blaze and go with React for the UI?

Start with WebPack from the beginning?

Avoid Meteor packages where possible and go with vanilla NPM packages?

What else?

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If you are starting from scratch now, I’d personally use Meteor 1.3 with NPM packages for as much as possible, React for the UI and Astronomy for the Schema/ORM. Hopefully that way there will be an easy-ish route to Reactive GraphQL in the future.


@Siyfion there should be easy route to Reactive GraphQL in the future no matter if you use React or Blaze. After all, Reactive in the name doesn’t come from React. :slightly_smiling:

@ccuilla best practice is to always chose right tool for the right project. That said, it’s difficult to recommend the best solution for unknown problem, without knowing what you want to build and what are your requirements.

I’d recommend using the awesome search feature here: as there’s same new topic as yours started every few days and there was plenty of answers already.

I know, I wasn’t referring to React as the bit making GraphQL easy to implement, I was referring to Astronomy, as I imagine that someone will write a wrapper in some way, shape, or form for Astronomy to export the Schema as a GraphQL schema. Same goes for SimpleSchema, though I personally think that Astronomy is better and with v2 coming out soon, I think it’ll be the “defacto” standard going forward.

In fact:


@Siyfion Thanks for your thoughts.

I would use React with ES6 modules/Meteor 1.3

I you not in a hurry, wait for Mantra 1.0
or wait for the release of Meteor 1.3 and follow the meteor 1.3 guide:

If you want to do right now something: Go for the meteor guide.

I am currently using meter 1.3, React and Mantra with just a few atmosphere packages and some npm packages.

The will never find THE answer for this kind of questions.