Best Boilerplate for Meteor+React

Hey guys,

starting a new project and planning to go all react.

Can anyone recommend a starter boilderplate?

Would love to have

  • latest Meteor
  • latest React
  • user accounts (maybe via Blaze Helper)
  • pure mongo pub/sub (no need for apollo right now)
  • admin crud would be nice (like in pup boilerplate)
  • less / sass support
  • material design

So far I had a look at pup ( and it looks pretty good.

Just want to make sure that I do NOT miss other good options.

Any tips?

You should be able to just do meteor create --react myCoolApp

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Maybe you are looking for something more robust, but this is mine:

It’s mostly focused on SSR and dynamic-imports, with some example boilerplate setting up npdev:collections (which allows for the creation of “connectors” which make it easy to load data over methods, and have it render in SSR, with data hydration,etc.). But it would be super easy to swap that out for regular collections with useTracker, withTracker or whatever you like. I’ve used a version of this with Material UI (on pixstori), but this starter does not include Material-UI.


Here’s the one I use for my students:

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This one use Boostrap and is base on AdminLte so it is very easy to find new building composants:

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You could try Meteor.js + React + Bootstrap 4 + MUP (easy deployment) + Cypress (end-to-end testing).

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