Best CDN for Meteor

I know there is this in the guide but I am wondering what your opinion is on what is a good CDN + Meteor + SSL combo.

I am setting up Galaxy and using CloudFlare but had to disable websockets so I am wondering if there is a workaround or a best-practices set up.

CloudFlare is pretty great, but as you noted, you can’t use WebSockets unless you’re on their Enterprise ($$$) plan. You may want to look into Amazon’s CloudFront, though CloudFlare is more feature-rich.

If you went the CloudFlare route, worst case scenario you could just disable WebSockets by using the environment variable DISABLE_WEBSOCKETS and setting it to 1. If you use a CDN like CloudFlare or CloudFront, make sure you also set HTTP_FORWARDED_COUNT to 1.

Now every plan has access to WebSockets.

Just recently tried KeyCDN ( and so far like it. Nicer, more convenient and cheaper than CloudFront.

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