Best Collection-Joiner for aldeed:tabular?


Hi guys,

I am just starting my first UseCase where I need to join 2 collections and show them in one data-table - I am using aldeed:tabular to show the data.

Actually I’d like to denormalize data, (not joining at all) but I just stombled upon reactivity not being available in nested documents.

What packages do you guys have made good experiences with?

I heard good rumors about the upcoming
The official aldeed:tabular docs talk about using

What strategie do you guys recon?


+1 for this. I am trying to do the same but using a client-side join via a template helper. This is possible in aslagle:reactive-table but have not yet found a way to do this joins in aldeed:tabular.


Hi guys,

bumper… any more experiences on this one? :smile: