Best Email API / Service to use with Meteor


Which Email API / service is the best to integrate into a Meteor app? Does anyone have any good / bad experiences? We’re thinking about Mandrill as we’re using Mailchimp already, but are open to suggestions!


Personally I haven’t used any other than Mailgun.
I am guessing the best would be Mailgun as it is the default service used with the Email package.
Probably comes down to what you need from the service provider though.


We are using Mandrill for a 9 months. Templates could be imported from MailChimp and you can use handlebars when defining a markup. Works really nice. Easy to set a webhooks and manage deliveries, opens and others with Meteor.


Any updated advice ?


I’m using sendgrid, but registration was a bit (!) painful !
I had to give personnal details (ok), description of my project (probably ok) and then they asked for screenshots of my (unreleased !) project, which i found a bit to much.
There are “giving away” a free service limited to 100 mails per day, but you have to earn it !


As long as your project’s not called “Spam Sender Pro 3000” you’re probably OK. :wink:


Mandrill’s free plan is 12k/month and asked for none of that stuff.


Why don’t you try Mailgun? 10,000 emails free every month.


I chose mailgun. So far so good.


This site is doing a nice comparison:

Their conclusion:

AmazonSES is the cheapest but quite a pain to set it up.
Mandrill costs just a little bit more and is quite easy to set up. (my personal choice)