Best meteor's library for translations

Which one is the most popular?

I used to use for my Angular projects angular-translate. Know, using angular-meteor I found this one:

but I can’t figure out how this work.

Do you use a different one? Any recommendation?


I think it’s this one:

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Thanks @babrahams, I’ll try it later

BTW, I’m looking the issues on that repository and it looks like if it doesn’t have to much owner’s activity

Is there a particular reason for which you can’t use the same npm package you used for previous projects? Translations are purely related to the view, so using a purely Angular oriented package should be fine imho.

Well, my other previous apps were just Angular. This one is angular-meteor so I didn’t know if it was a better choice maybe.
About the one I shared as I said I don’t know how it works with angular-meteor :thinking:

This package is not available for angular-meteor. So I have to figure out how the normal angular-translate works with angular-meteor

Ok, installing angular-translate as normally and importing this works as expected:
import Translate from 'angular-translate';

So the original npm package does work? Great to hear. Have fun with the code. :slight_smile:

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