Best MongoDB Hosting Options in 2019


As of now, I understand that the following are the MongoDB hosting options available:

  1. MongoDB Atlas
  2. NodeChef
  3. mLab ( Now part of Atlas)
  4. NodeChef
  5. Roll your own on DO/AWS lightsail
  6. Scalegrid
  7. Compose
  8. Add any other if I have missed.

I would like to understand the following:

  1. Which hosting to go with for a new application expecting a decent number of active users around 10k-20k MAUs?

  2. How much does the bill look like? Which one of them has a predictable bill?
    I read a post regarding Atlas about surprisingly high data transfer charges. Before reading that, I was quite sure about going with Atlas.

  3. Can you tell me where are you hosting, and what’s the configuration and monthly bill looks like?


Far from answering this, just a remark. Concurrent users is more relevant than MAUs. Mongo Atlas tiers give you the number of concurrent users (sessions/connections) within the tier limits.
For instance, in the image attached, at ~ 800 USD per month, you get 4000 concurrent connections. As I see it, transfers within the same region (I suppose this means for instance both your Meteor Servers and the DB are in the Frankfurt cluster of AWS) are at 1 USD for 100 GB.

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Thanks. I wasn’t aware of the cluster tier limitations earlier.

This information has certain been helpful in understanding the database pricing model of Atlas.

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Kristi from ScaleGrid here to offer some insight into our pricing models for MongoDB hosting:

  • Dedicated Hosting: All-inclusive hosting for MongoDB, including your instances, backups, and data transfer fees. Available on AWS, Azure and DigitalOcean. (Shared hosting is also available for small deployments.)

  • Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC): Unique model that allows you to host MongoDB through your own AWS or Azure account. ScaleGrid pricing is for the DBaaS only, all cloud-related costs are paid directly through your cloud provider. This plan allows you to leverage advanced capabilities like virtual private clouds, security groups, and reserved instances.

All ScaleGrid plans for MongoDB are fully managed and include free 24/7 support and no connection limits. Both Dedicated and BYOC plans allow you to customize your RAM, disk size, instance type, and replica setup, and are great for high traffic applications and production deployments. For more details check out our Compare MongoDB Providers page.

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