Best nimble:restivus OR simple:rest large METEOR API

hi what is better for large meteor API application (nimble:restivus OR simple:rest large) ?? what are the different both of them ???

It depends what your anticipated use case are. If you want pure REST endpoints, you could look at express. If you want REST endpoints which provide an alternative way of accessing publications (for example), then simple:rest is simple :wink:. If your use case is more complex, you may prefer nimble:restivus. More complex still and you should look at centiq:crud.


thank you you comment robfalows … i have bit large application . suppose rewrite using meteor . so i think nimble:restivus is my solution . thank you

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what about Building APIs with GraphQL ???

Not quite sure what you mean by that.

You can expose REST endpoints which get their data from GraphQL/Apollo.