Best option for logging errors in a React + Meteor app? (in the post-kadira era)

As of 1AKD, I need to find an alternative to kadira.

On top of meteor-specific logging, kadira also grabbed some client-side errors. It wasn’t great, but kadira did also log my client-side react errors.

What are people doing now to watch errors? Have you found anything that can tackle the entire stack like kadira? Or are you using one thing for the server and something else for client-side/react error logging?

There’s no drop-in replacement that’s for sure. On the error side I’ve been trying to use Sentry with limited success so far. On the client side it’s excellent giving you a lot of useful info and ‘breadcrumbs’ which basically trace the steps prior to an error (clicks etc).
On the server side it’s a bit more difficult. I don’t really know enough about node error handling or the meteor internals to nail it so I just butchered a clone of Kadira to try get something working. It’s not quite there and seems to miss the proper stack trace in some cases.
My feeling at the moment is the path of least resistance is to setup a private Kadira server when arunoda tells us how and use it for server performance and server errors and then disable the client side error part of it and use something much better for that like Sentry.
It would be really nice if there was a section in the Guide detailing how to interface with all of Meteor’s internals for just this purpose. Even better would be the ability to plugin your own error reporter which Meteor would then send all the errors too.

was kadira hooking into a master middleware for server-side errors?

Yup but it’s unfortunately quite low level - just to expose some of the meteor internals. It’s meteorhacks:meteorx

I have a blog post about this if you want to check it out on

Meteor Client Error Logging on the Server

Does anyone use for logging (client/server)? And what about just uploading these to a collection and sending emails on occurrence? Once in the collection you could build reports if you know what you need.