Best package for charts


I’m a little confused about the available packages for charts. The most popular seems to be chart:chart but most tutorials I have found are for highcharts:­highcharts-meteor

I want to create the chart below. Which one is recommended?


Well, if you have questions when using one of them I and @robfallows might be able to help you. If you want to use highcharts, I have a repository with a couple of examples. The examples are for maazalik:highcharts but it is similar to the official package.


Very helpful repo, Thank you!
Do you suggest highcharts over chart package?
I have started using highcharts and it looks ok but chart seems to be a lot more popular which confuses me.


Well, if you want to use it for commercial context, you should use chartjs. Highcharts is only free for non-commercial use cases. I prefere highcharts, but both libraries dont differ much when using with meteor.


If you’re using React, Victory Charts is a good, easy to use solution.