Best practice, forms in Meteor

I would like to ask, if exists any best practice, how to successfully create and make safe and robust forms in Meteor framework. I mean especially If Meteor have integrated something robust for create forms, or if exists any plugin for that or If I will create the form manually in blaze template.

how to validate this form in client and server?

…and how to make it safe?

Does exists any best practice examples for that? I found only following examples:


How you are creating and validate dynamic items in forms (for example, when you have a form of project with some items and you need to dynamically add in this form new lines with taskName, userId, startDate, endDate)?.

And how can I dynamically disable the form items (not always but only sometimes) and how prevent store data from them?

Any experiences with kendoForms with Meteor?

Yes, I have a lot of questions, but the main is: How you are making the forms in Meteor? What are YOUR best practices?

Thank you very much for each answer.

I’m using When you use it with SimpleSchema you will get validation out of the box.

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There was a talk about uniforms at the Meteor impact conference, check the recording here.