Best practice in Meteor in-app search?

In a continuing effort to weed out old MeteorHacks abandonware, I’m ready to replace the search-source package in an application. What are the current recommended best practices to add search functionality to an application? @matteodem’s Easy Search seems to be the best and currently maintained (thank you Matteo!) but just wanted to throw it out there and see if there are other suggestions.

This app is still using Blaze for the frontend. Thanks!

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I would recommend Algolia.

Good question. I’m still using search-source, too, and it works with Meteor 1.5, but in general I think it makes sense to get rid of the meteorhacks stuff. Just tried to update my app to Meteor 1.6 and stumbled upon fast-render being incompatible, and before that, I had to replace streams when upgrading to 1.5. I should have been warned by the term hacks, I guess :slight_smile:

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are there any good tutorials for algolia? I didn’t see many (nevermind any in meteor) last time I looked. Seems easy enough, but would be nice if there was something out there to save me from any head scratchers.

Algolia is too expensive for most startups. At least for us. We are building a solution around ElasticSearch. And while doing so I’m increasingly thinking about using ES as a primary database instead - the advantages just seem too many.

That depends. How much time are you spending with dev-ops and setting up ElasticSearch?

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Algolia would cost us over $100/month, and prob much more. That’s way too high given how cheap computing and other online services are. We don’t make enough money to afford that.

So its not really an option.