Best practice to create searchable Table

Hello guys.
I wonder what is the best method to create a table with searchable fields and pagination ?

what i am doing now is:
I have MainDB and SearchDB.
and i have Template.something.helpers which returns the data from SearchDB,

when client enters data that he wants to see, I’m calling Meteor.method to grab the needed data from MainDB and insert into SearchDB. Then helpers are re-rendering based on clients search.
And for pagination I’m using alethes:pages
All these stuff is working together, but i wonder maybe there is some better option to achieve this functionality

Why don’t you use a package like aldeed:tabular that takes care of searching and pagination for you (and much more)?

Thanks for reply, mate!
I’ve just checked that package out. and the description promises super features ! gonna check it asap !
Thanks for recomendation