Best Practices for Moving Meteor Accounts from Mongo to Postgres?

Most of my data is in Postgres, with access via Apollo. Only Meteor Accounts are in Mongo.

Are there recommended best practices for moving Meteor Accounts from Mongo to Postgres?

I really don’t think this has much to do with Meteor, it is more about migrating MongoDB documents to Postgres, since the users collection is just another MongoDB collection, nothing special about it.


Some work was done back in the day by MDG here. You could take a look at the code they were using.

I’m just thinking about the Meteor Accounts package and how it expects the data to be in Mongo. I’m interested to find out if there’s something so that the Meteor calls to accounts, e.g. Accounts.createUser() etc., would access the data via Postgres. Possibly something like this package (which I haven’t checked out yet):

I think @diaconutheodor’s cult-of-coders may have something like this, but AFAIK it’s not broken out into a separate package just for accounts.