Best practices for organizing Meteor projects?

Just diving into Meteor this week for the first time and the tutorials had all code in a single file (HTML, CSS, JS). I’m just curious as best practices for separating your code even further. So you separate your isClient from your isServer? Helpers from Events? What about all the templates?

I’m looking for some help in organizing and structuring projects. Thanks!

I would recommend using the Meteor guide, along with the API docs, as your basis for learning.

Here is the guide article on application structure:

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Some people like mantra:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Meteor guide is great, but it does feel a bit too hand-wavy. From personal experience, starting to work with Meteor 1.3 was a pain.

I wanted something literal like filenames, locations, naming conventions and such. Can we do pull requests to update the guide?

Anyway, we’re making slow progress here, feel free to use it for inspiration. It’s using Meteor 1.3.2, React, MongoDB, with Astronomy for the model layer. Simple and concrete examples. It’s a work in progress though.

Yes, you can make pull requests to the Meteor Guide.

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