Best Programming Books for Web Development

Lately I’ve been thinking I’d like to come up with a comprehensive list of good books for web development. I figured it might be worth turning the list into a thread on the forums so people can benefit from it in the future. Please post here with good books you think any web developer should read. This can include everything from databases to devops and beyond. I look forward to seeing what books people have enjoyed!

I like this book :
Design of Design
It’s by the same guy who wrote Mythical Man Month.


@abhiaiyer mentioned that “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs” is a solid read. In digging around online it sounds like some people regard this book as the Bible of computer science (no idea how true that is). Here is a link to the full text online edition

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Doh I was just going to rec that one. It’s on my xmas list too:

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One area in which I’d like to become more familiar is databases and database abstraction layers (design patterns). If someone knows a good book/resource for that I’d love a recommendation.