Best React-Native Library as of July 2017?

There is a serious lack of RN libraries… particularly with forms. Anything beyond a TextInput is like pulling teeth trying to find a solid multi-select or dropdown-esque solution. Even besides forms there are no good libraries.

I’ve been using either react-native-elements or

react-native-elements is really bare bones, it’s not really saving you much time over just vanilla react-native buttons/inputs.

antd-mobile is okay but is also for web (so their attention is divided) and it’s in chinese which is somewhat irritating.

It just sucks because we have so many good react web libraries that can save you (literally) weeks of work (material-ui, antd, microsofts fabric lib, whatever palantir’s library is). and react-native is like a wasteland where you have to code everything from scratch with RN primitives.

Have any new libraries came out that I’m missing?

expo launched this directory which is good:

But you still have to trial and error 4 components everytime you need something.

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What about, it has pretty good components.