Best reactive drops

What you need to make this package the best dropdowns, dropmenus, popovers, tooltips…?
What it was wrong? What do you want to add?

Nice work. But I’m used to Semantic-UI.

And if I add a theme for Semantic-ui? Or there is a functional which is missing here?

Updated to 0.3.0. Many fixes. Through a private message from this community:

  • All position attributes in theme template.
  • Arrow argument
  • No timeout-interval resize handler
  • Dropmenu template example
  • Slice-scale dimentum animation

Coming soon:

  • Tooltip theme
  • Semantic ui themes
  • SVG example
  • Smart auto-positioning and position selection
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Looks really good!
However, there are some dropdowns for meteor blaze already which shows a template, less configurable than this, but they are working fine.

Now that meteor1.3 is out, many will move to react from blaze, using full frameworks like mantra from the kadira team, or just react templates.
There are no working meteor-react template dropdowns, maybe you should make a port of this dropdown to react templates?

Thank you! I will add components for use with React. It will not be difficult because main work takes place not in the templates and not in the DOM, but in a local mongo. ?)

It is not just less configurable)

  • No animation aimed in material design
  • Drop is not a template
  • Drop is always located locally, it makes it difficult to do menu on the fly
  • Not support easy theming
  • Not support normal triggers (only dropdown trigger).
  • No normal position calculating from anchor (svg for example).
  • Not support for nested drops as /drop:dropmenu template on example page

And apparently he does not really want to improve the package.

Working fine? With it is impossible to work! It is be of use for only one purpose - one leveled dropdowns in local placement. It did not provide variability in the size of the browser, anchor or document scroll. Just try it!
But what if for different contexts require one template and different data? No…it not working fine.

I only used meteor-dropdowns for simple menu never used it for complex stuff, then it really miss features.