Best Reactive Table Package


I’m trying to get a performant reactive table which displays a collection of over 5000 entries.

I’ve seen the React Griddle library and want something like that in my app.

The trouble is my app is completely Blaze and I’m hesitant to add and additional mostly unused library (react) to get one feature.

My requirements are:

  • Pagination or infinite scroll so not all of the data is rendered on the client at the same time, its pretty laggy right now.
  • Filtering/searching based on one of the columns in the table.
  • I need control over the template that describes the row as I’d like to have a delete button and additional non-data features at the end of the row.

Recommendations on a package to use or should I Roll-My-Own™?


Don’t roll your own. You’re going to have a bad time if you’re looking for those features.

Check out


I ended up finding aldeed’s meteor-tabular package which checks all of the boxes!
Its a fantastic package that is well documented and easy to use.

Highly recommended.