Best solution for React+Meteor 1.3 File upload


Hi ,
Could you please give me some pointers for the best solution to do file uploading using React+Meteor 1.3 .
From the threads I came to know that Collections.FS is deprecated .

Thank you .



I’d strongly recommend the Meteor edgee:slingshot package.


Hi there,

I second that, edgee:slingshot works great for uploading directly from the client to Amazon S3

but I’d be very interested in people sharing their experience with their need to manipulate images before sending them to S3 though

Not a great fan of client side image manipulation (quality is not the best imo) - so I resorted to using image magick and S3 library found on npm


If I had to do image manipulation, I’d probably study up on AWS Lambda and have a process trigger when an S3 upload takes place.


thanks @ffxsam

I read some posts about using this method, I’ll look into it some more


Thank you . I was able to upload an image using sling slot …


One for query . If I have to upload a PDF what should be the right type in fileRestrictions(“myFileUploads”, {

I tried several combinations . But not seems to be working


You can get the file-type by initiating an upload, and using console.log to print out the file type property. I forget what it is off-hand. file.type or something along those lines. Just log the whole file upload object and you’ll see something like application/pdf.