Best stack for my React Native app


Hello fellow Meteorians,

After a lot of investigation, I decided to switch my ancient PHP + jQuery + Ionic app to something more modern. My definitive choice goes on Meteor + React Native + Material Design. The grey area is in the middle, because there are so much tools available on the market.

This is a productivity app (only mobile) with tasks, daily schedules and meetings. It will include :

  • Social Authentication

  • Push notifications and reminders

  • Probably some drag 'n drop features

  • If possible, components like calendars

  • Hierarchical structure : list of tasks, meetings with tasks …

  • Testing is very important to us.

I’m kind of stuck with what to use. From what I understood, I should definitely get away from Blaze and use React (I love the syntax actually! ).
What I’ve seen so far :

  • : I used it as my starting point, played a little bit with it. I don’t think I should follow with it, but try to find a real “React-ish” boilerplate.

  • : this I’m pretty sure I will use it. Although I didn’t find how to use it with Social Login.

  • Mantra, Appolo and all those structuring initiatives (Mantra seems really great, but I haven’t seen yet a lot of examples and don’t know how well it plays with react-native-meteor)

  • Webpack, Redux and all other possibilities are really confusing to me a lot I must admit…

I wonder what would be the best strategy from now on :
Either find the best boilerplate / example based on Meteor + React, develop it all and then use react-native-meteor to do the bridge.

Find a boilerplate that includes already react native with features like social login, and that would allow me to directly get my hands dirty, and develop “in parallel”.

Any thoughts on the stack? On the starting strategy?
I know that making the good choices now will save me months at the end.

Thanks a lot for your precious help, I’m hoping to be able to contribute to this great community when I’m more experienced on the technologies.