Best standalone browser DDP js client?

Is there any recommended standalone browser DDP js client?
Because I’ve found couple of forks etc. and I don’t know which will be the best to use. Do you have any recommendations?
It will be the best if it will just work as a normal browser js file to include in the script tag without any build steps etc.

ddp.js is still the best of the bunch.

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I tought so :wink: But bundled version 1.0 seems to not work. Version 0.6.x is ok, I think.

Yes, a lot changed with version 1.0 (was a complete re-write), but 1.1.0 is nice and stable (with a reduced scope).

I’ve tried bundled version from here: and it not work. Maybe rebundling is needed. I’ll try to take a look at it later.

With your meteor app you can connect to other meteor app without installing anything. Also you can make it client only and host it anywhere

yes, but I need some one-file solution to use in every app I can imagine, just in the browser. Not only between Meteor apps. I mean I will have one Meteor app as a server and many non Meteor apps as clients.